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We are a non-profit volunteer eye surgical and clinical team who provide our services free of charge in the Pacific islands, so far extending to Tonga and Tuvalu.

We work under the direction of the Ministry of Health of each participating country to provide medical outreach team visits, involving and training the local medical staff in patient care, providing medical and teaching equipment and train local staff in their use, and extending our specialist eye services to remote areas where people lack specialist services because of remoteness. We bring with us all required equipment, expendables, teaching materials (with backup) and on leaving to take away all unwanted items, rubbish so that we leave the island as clean or cleaner than on arrival.

Our goal is to include Registrar trainees from Australasia in the program to expose them to aspects of humanitarian care where they will also see extreme need and advanced pathology. We also aim to take other professionals who may wish to serve or study topics covering several island nations.

We are very pleased to announce plans are underway for our first volunteer trip back to the Pacific Islands since the Covid-19 Pandemic! Dr John Willloughby and his team are organizing a 2023 trip to treat sight threatening pathology in hundreds of patients in the Pacific Islands. If you'd like to donate towards the 2023 trip please go here.

The Eye Team volunteers

Dr. John Willoughby

President and Founder
Cataract Specialist

Ms. Cheryl Fiora

Perioperative Support
Registered Nurse

Mr. Lew Keipert

Clinical Manager

Dr. Mia Zhang

Communications Director
Ophthalmology Trainee

Past Volunteers
  • Ms. Arlene Cmiel - Registered Nurse
  • Dr. Jim Runciman - Retina specialist
  • Dr. Suria Puafolau - Clinical triage and Doctor
  • Ms. Savelina Veamatahau - Head of Tongan eye department and specialist eye nurse
  • Ms. Aimee Leong - Orthoptist
  • Ms. Mary-Jane Leibhardt - Registered Nurse
  • Dr. Padwick Gallen - Micronesian Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Richard Rawson - Ophthalmologist
  • Ms. Joan Nemeth - Registered Nurse
  • Ms. Fiona McPherson - Registered Nurse
  • Ms. Kira Langley - Registered Nurse


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